The Christmas Markets of Germany via a River Cruise

Arrival at the boat you are still encumbered with all the grown-up problems of the world on your shoulders, then suddenly you feel alive again seeing the awe-struck sights of Europe – your first Christmas Market in a place like Speyer – you walk off the boat to a world that transports you to childhood, senses exploding with sights and smells of Christmas experienced in youthful bliss…candy, and candles, decorations not seen since youth and suddenly you do believe and know Santa does exist. Walking back on the boat you are transformed into that child once more, if for only a little while you know all is right with the world and you have been given a magical free pass back to your youth.
No I have not yet had the privilege of a River Cruise, but have experienced the Christmas Markets… keeps the Spirit of Christmas alive within you like a soft glowing ember that refuses to burn out.

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