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  1. So glad you are painting sheepies again. I really need that box with the three sheepies with the vines. Will you be putting that on eBay?



    1. how funny to hear from you Cheryl – for some reason while I was sitting here painting a keeper box, just now, I thought about you and wondered how you were doing. How peculiar. And email me about the box if you wish. I wasn’t sure if it would be going on eBay – what would you prefer?

  2. Oh my gosh…thought you’d quit your folk art. So glad to see you’ve surfaced again.

    I bought a plate of yours many years ago and have just donated to So Cal OES Rescue. Love your work.

    So which is the Xmas plate pm with price please.

    You should have been at the OESCA National with your wonderful work!

    Best to you… can’t wait to hear.

    1. no, I haven’t quit at all, just hadn’t done much on the website because of grandkids etc., 🙂 Not sure what you are asking, but all are gone except some things may be on ebay that you may be interested in, feel free to search my name on ebay. Would love to know more about OESCA Nationals, like where and when they are. It would be fun it it would work with my schedule. )

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